Mar 16

Just because its a convenient RING…..

One the perils of long distance running is the wealth of idle time that one is afforded.

If you’re running the London Ultra, which for us was 5 and 1/2 hours and in reality its just another training run for the Cotswold 100miler in June, then thoughts obviously turn to training runs that fall in between these two distances.

I guess that it wasn’t too far a leap to take to suggest that if we were running 50km as part of the Capital Ring that the next step was to close off the donut and do the whole thing.

And thats now the plan. 78 miles but split over 2 days (sort of!!)

Day 1. Saturday 5th May

Start:   North East London (midday-ish)

Finish: Wandsworth

Day 2 : The completion of the ring back in Hackney :)

So I’ve been trawling the tinternet for Capital Ring stuff and its surprisingly bare until I came across this absolutely gem from a guy called Phil.


What I love about this is that you get all cocky about doing something like the Capital Ring with a bit of kip in between and then you read Phils wonderful blog….. :) Well at least Phil has kindly shortened the run to 74 miles!!!!

So whats next?

Well thats where you come in. Like last year

when we ran from Brighton to London and quite a few of you ran the last 10 miles with us this year we want you to come out and meet us on either the Saturday or Sunday and run some miles with us.

We are going to be using the Endomondo App so that you will be able to hunt us down like dogs and meet us wherever suits you. We’d ideally like about 1000 people to come and join us so please bring a friend :)

Let us know if you fancy it, where you might try and meet us etc and we’ll get your details and do our best to hook up, share some lube, fruit shock maybe a slice of Soreen and we will float off.

If you want to sponsor us please click on the link above.