Apr 21

Correction to the Ring!!!

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Hi all

On the weekend of May 5 and 6 David, Jamie, Steve and James are running the length of the Capital Ring – a 77 mile walking route that goes the whole way around London.
Ordinarily, you might think we were doing this as a challenge – but it’s actually a training weekend for our 100 mile 24 hour run in the Cotswolds in the summer.
Given we’ll be spending about six-seven hours running together on both the Saturday and Sunday, we’ll be bored sh*tless of each other, unless you come and relieve said boredom with some cheeky banter and words of encouragement …
We’d love it if you could come and join us to run one (or more) of the legs – there are 14 (we are splitting one so we stop for drinks in Balham at the end of day 1) in all and they range from 3.5 miles to 7.5, so you can pick up and meet us at the start of any of the sections and peel off when you want.
The schedule looks something like this – let us know if you’d like to join and if so, when and where

Section Approx arrival time at
start of section
Start of section End of section Miles in section Total miles
(at end of secton)
12 11am Highgate Stoke Newington 5.5 5.5
13 11.55am Stoke Newington Hackney Wick 3.5 9
14 12.30pm Hackney Wick Beckton Dist Park 5 14
15 1.30pm Beckton Dist Park Woolwich Foot tunnel 3.5 17.5
1 2pm Woolwich Foot tunnel Falconwood 6 23.5
2 3pm Falconwood Grove Park 3.5 27
3 3.40pm Grove Park Crystal Palace Park 7.5 34.5
4 5pm Crystal Palace Park Streatham Common 4 38.5
5 5.30pm Streatham Common Balham 1/2 way mark 2.5 41
5.5 8am Balham 1/2 way mark Wimbledon Park 3 44
6 8.30am Wimbledon Park Richmond Bridge 7 51
7 9.40am Richmond Bridge Osterley Lock 4 55
8 10.30am Osterley Lock Greenford 5 60
9 11.30am Greenford South Kenton 5.5 65.5
10 12.30pm South Kenton Hendon Park 6 71.5
11 1.30pm Hendon Park Highgate 5.5 77