About the challenge

What do you do when you’ve finished a run

You do another….but you up the stakes.

We all started with Marathons.

So we did Brighton to London

Next-up its the King Daddy of the UK Ultra-Marathon championships – Cotswold 100


And what do you do when a Half-Ironman isn’t enough…you go and do an Ironman in the beach and hills of France. That’s right, 2.4mi swim, 112mi cycle, and 26.2mi run in the sweltering heat of Nice, France. After the boys are done with their 100 miler, Mike sets off on Sunday morning to do Ironman Nice:


The overall schedule for the weekend of the 24th of June is as follows:
Darren, David, Jamie, James and Steve set off midday on the 24th to finish within 24 hours the following day of the 25th.
Mike starts his Ironman in Nice early in the morning on the 25th.


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