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Jan 04

Can you touch your toes? I can’t

As I head towards Year 40 I am embarassed to say that I cannot remember if I have ever been able to touch my toes. Well according to the web this is something that you can achieve in 2 weeks. Surely this is poppycock. So I am going to put it to the test. I …

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Dec 28

Just Because Its There 2012

Xoomworks Golden Bonders

When we first dreamt up the name ‘Just Because Its There’ in a Xoomworks meeting room we all felt slightly fraudulent. Why? well because the name sounds so grand and even though we were doing four marathons in a week, well they were still just marathons. Ok we joined two together and stretched it out …

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Apr 20

Never Give Up

I wish I could say “Thank God that is over with”, but actually I feel quite the opposite.  I have had such fun being part of such a great team effort.  From the initial planning, to the quiz night, to the 3 fantastic running days and watching our fundraising target outstrip our goal, it has …

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Apr 16

Infamy, infamy…

…they’ve all go it infamy Jamie, Darren and the Holmes clan try their best to talk over the presenters on BBC London this morning – and then good old Holly sums it up in one line at the end! JH&DSontheradio

Apr 08

Running as Art

Do you want to know where Jamie has been today Well the answer is here in the map he’s been charting as part of our scientific experiment into using endomondo to track our Brighton to London run Check it out

Apr 08

Carbs or not to Carbs

Ben Carbs it up

Apr 03

Final week Team update:

Darren: Off on a four day stag party in Lanzarote!!!! David: Chevs: Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, Knees and Toes.   Head  – A little panicked – The arrival of our fab Hemihelp running shirts, course map (as if we don’t know it already) and the imminent arrival of the month of April means the …

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Mar 31

10 Days to Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There have been an amazing amount of emails between the team about “how little training” we should aim for as we are in the  ‘taper zone” Tapering, in the context of sports, refers to the practice of reducing, or tapering off, exercise in the days just before an important competition. Tapering is customary in many …

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Mar 18

There but for the grace of ITB go I

So the team are on their knees – literally Chevs:  Went for a ‘long’ run yesterday and the bad news is that I have buggered my knee – feels like ITB but the pants thing is that it’s on my supposedly good leg. I blame Wimbeldon Hill myself – getting up it was better than …

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Mar 16

I would walk 500 miles


Well it didn’t quite turn out to be the epic 35 miler around Dundee that I promised but 27 miles alone in the Scottish hills felt pretty damn close!! For about 20 of those miles I was loving being out in the beautiful Scottish countryside, feeling fit and healthy and not being chained to a …

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