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Apr 10

Injuries can only hold you back so far

I was basically told by my physio that I will be unable to run the double marathon, much less run 5 miles, without feeling pain. Over the past 6 weeks I’ve tried 4-5 mile runs here and there with no lessening of pain on my IT band. Since ITBS technically has no risk of tearing …

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Mar 23

18 Days to go….

Update from Chevs: Stripping. Not the ‘You Can Leave Your Hat On’ kind. Sadly no. I now see the word stripping in a different light – this is ITB stripping (Michael you have kept very quiet about this). Stripping is done by physiotherapists as well as ladies in naughty bars. Today I experienced my second …

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Feb 23


So it’s official, I have what’s called ITBFS ( I finally got into to see a physio and have had my symptoms properly diagnosed. The simple explanation is that my left “bum” muscles weren’t able to keep up with the rest of the body and it started to cause strain on the rest of my body, mainly …

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Feb 07

Is anyone not Injured?

Here is a round up of how the team have been over the passed few days and by the looks of things we are staring down the barrel of a starting pistol: Chevs: Crap run on Friday – set out to do between 9-10miles and it took 1hr45 – it was like running into the …

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Feb 02

Injury Update

Well it’s been two weeks now and I haven’t run a single mile due to my left knee. I’ve been taking Fish Oil twice a day, Ibuprofen 3 times a day, and icing my knee for 20 minute spurts. I feel fairly confident this week that I can back into it (gradually). I plan on doing …

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Jan 30

Sonic ‘Toe’ Manipulator

James and I have been celebrating his youthful birthday today and discussing just how painful injuries need to get before they start to become a real concern over the success of this challenge. As James pointed out in his blog below, our 20 milers on Friday seem to have sent our legs into overdrive with …

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Jan 29

I ain’t feeling too confident

So after Friday’s long run, I got up this morning and found I can bear no weight on my right leg as it’s so tight around the calf area… Everything else feels fine and at the end of the 19miles, I felt I had more in the tank so this feels like a bit of …

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