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Jan 11

Three Amigos

Mike and Darren Hyde Park run early doors

So this morning was the first planned ‘team’ run of 2012 with a scheduled meeting of 06:30am at Hyde Park before ending up at Xoomworks Steve couldn’t join us. James tried to run but had to bail due to illness. Jamie was a ‘no-show’ So Darren and Mike and I met up and crawled around …

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Mar 30

Clam, Crab, Cockle Cluj

And so it was last Xoomworks  night that after gorging myself on non-Romanian food and then submerging in non-Romanian twilight activities I promised myself against all odds to get up and run around the lakes of Cluj today. Amazingly I awoke at 6:30am before the alarm and got myself together whilst it was still pitch …

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Mar 29

Thank goodness that’s over!

Run Home

With Darren and David clocking up their 27 miler on Friday, I was even more concious that I needed to do one last big run before the start of the Challenge. So looking at my diary and recognising that one should try to have a nice 2 week window of smaller runs and nothing too …

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Mar 25

marathons for breakfast

  So today was the last big run before the challenge starts in earnest in 2 weeks time and I had fire in my belly. Today was going to be the day to get a cheeky marathon in on the way to work. It was up at 4:30am for a double dosage of Oatbix and juice …

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Mar 16

I would walk 500 miles


Well it didn’t quite turn out to be the epic 35 miler around Dundee that I promised but 27 miles alone in the Scottish hills felt pretty damn close!! For about 20 of those miles I was loving being out in the beautiful Scottish countryside, feeling fit and healthy and not being chained to a …

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Mar 13

Wonders of the A232

Today Jamie and I went in search of a new universe (or as the locals call it Hayes) to explore the last 10 miles of our Brighton to London challenge. We met at East Croydon (twinned with the moon) and travelled east along the milky West Wickham highway. The terrain became inhospitable around Croydon Road Forced …

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Feb 20

Great weekend of running

Darren stopping for some pills

I can’t comment for the whole team, but for the Holmes family (Jamie and Chevs) and Darren, we definitely had some great running with no significant detrimental effect. Chevs managed to crack 11.5  miles and looked really good when she walked through the door – ice bath and a bit of a stretch and she …

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Feb 09

£1000 and Steve J in the mix

Its been a great day today folks. Most importantly thanks to some generous donations today we achieved our first major milestone – £1000 raised for HemiHelp. So thankyou Marcie, Gracie, Ross family and Anonymous (dont forget to add your name and Giftaid on the Virgin sponsorship website :-)) Also today saw the biggest gathering of …

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Feb 07

Is anyone not Injured?

Here is a round up of how the team have been over the passed few days and by the looks of things we are staring down the barrel of a starting pistol: Chevs: Crap run on Friday – set out to do between 9-10miles and it took 1hr45 – it was like running into the …

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Feb 03

Brave Golden Bonders

Update from Golden Bond Vai – Thanks Vai Norris and I set out with a mind to run as far as possible and then turn back.  I set the pace and Norris set the distance and route.  The weather was crisp with sun shining down on us.  This being the first run in two weeks …

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