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Jun 22

Follow us here today on the Cotswold 100 ultra

Click here to see where we are from noon onwards and check you are on today’s date 

Mar 16

I would walk 500 miles


Well it didn’t quite turn out to be the epic 35 miler around Dundee that I promised but 27 miles alone in the Scottish hills felt pretty damn close!! For about 20 of those miles I was loving being out in the beautiful Scottish countryside, feeling fit and healthy and not being chained to a …

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Mar 09

More runs please Vicar

Feb 17

All Joined Up!

So hopefully we have listened to you all and with some technological web-wizardry from our Administrators we have made an effort to closely link this challenge blogsite to our Virgin charity fundraising site and along the way made clearer the ‘Who are we?’/’What is the challenge’ questions. A big big thank you to Nanny Val and Grandad Terry, Fiona, Natalie, …

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Feb 11

And the latest scores are……

Toenails down 1: Toenails remaing 9 (although another one has been given a yellow card) Stone lost 1: Stone left to go :>1 (note to self – don’t carb load too much) Training done 5 : Training weeks left to go 9. Help. Odds on sub 5hr marathon – reducing weekly! Amendments to training – …

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Feb 08

That’s more like it!!!

Just did a lovely six miles from Putney to Barnes and back again along tow path – and actually did it in less than an hour. This is how training is supposed to be – hard, sweatty but bearable. Foot hurt a bit and I walked for one minute half way to put some Kasabian …

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Feb 08

Windy or what


Last Friday I set out on my 9.5 miler. Little did I know what a horror it was going to be. I knew it was windy but for crying out loud, I felt like I was running in one of those wind tunnels you see on Top Gear. Even worse, it didn’t seem to matter …

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Feb 06

This is how it’s done

From the BBC A Belgian runner has set a new world record by completing 365 marathon races in a year. Stefaan Engels, dubbed “Marathon Man”, began his challenge in Belgium a year ago and has since run a marathon every day across seven countries. He crossed the finish line in the Spanish city of Barcelona …

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Jan 19

Golden Bonds

Just wanted to give you some more information on the Golden Bonds team and some of the thoughts that we would like your comments on. OK firstly we want to make the Golden Bonds team as inclusive as possible. If you havent yet joined and want to then drop us a line. If you want …

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