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Apr 10

the only way is Sussex – Brighton Marathon review

Brighton in full glorious sunshine

Wow that was a scorcher. Felt like 30 degrees at least out there. Any thoughts that we would pick the Brighton Marathon off with no pain was soon dispelled after 15 miles in the midday sun. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much St John’s ambulance action in a race with heat exhaustion bodies …

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Apr 08

Running as Art

Do you want to know where Jamie has been today Well the answer is here in the map he’s been charting as part of our scientific experiment into using endomondo to track our Brighton to London run Check it out http://www.endomondo.com/workouts/user/1333016

Mar 03

Its the final Countdown – 38 Days to Go!!!!!!!!!

Hello peeps. Its been a wee while since the blog was illuminated with our presence but here is a update on the teams progress: Chevs: I’m off skiing tomorrow so will hopefully also return in one piece.   Training update – did a 11.8 (.8 very important) about two weeks ago and then a failed …

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Feb 07

Is anyone not Injured?

Here is a round up of how the team have been over the passed few days and by the looks of things we are staring down the barrel of a starting pistol: Chevs: Crap run on Friday – set out to do between 9-10miles and it took 1hr45 – it was like running into the …

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Jan 20

What constitutes Training?

Training can be done in many ways. Jamie featured above (on his way to 2nd place in tonights Farringdon Texas Hold’em Poker Champs – thanks Mike for the picture and Darren organising this cracking eve) is planning on doing an 18 mile run tomorrow morning. Not everyones idea of training but Jamie did steer off …

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Jan 17

Feeling really good about things

Not only was it great to get the Brighton to London team together on Friday morning (even if it was a little early), but the run, pace and general banter on the way around really made me think that this whole event is going to be a lot of fun. I am under no illusions …

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Jan 16

First team run (6:30am Hyde Park)

So it took a 5am start and a big bowl of porridge to get me out of the house and a 5 mile run to meet Darren, James & Jamie at Hyde Park Corner for our first group run. It was surprisingly quiet as we navigated the dark roads around Buckingham Palace before heading up …

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Jan 15

We’re running for HemiHelp

Brighton Marathon, Brighton to London, London Marathon… all in the space of eight days. We’re running for HemiHelp. Hemiplegia is a neurological condition that weakens one side of the body and affects one child in a thousand. It is sometimes described as a form of cerebral palsy and the effects are similar to those of …

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