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Mar 03

Its the final Countdown – 38 Days to Go!!!!!!!!!

Hello peeps. Its been a wee while since the blog was illuminated with our presence but here is a update on the teams progress: Chevs: I’m off skiing tomorrow so will hopefully also return in one piece.   Training update – did a 11.8 (.8 very important) about two weeks ago and then a failed …

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Feb 07

Is anyone not Injured?

Here is a round up of how the team have been over the passed few days and by the looks of things we are staring down the barrel of a starting pistol: Chevs: Crap run on Friday – set out to do between 9-10miles and it took 1hr45 – it was like running into the …

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Jan 22

Gearing up for a long run

It’s Saturday morning and I’m dreading the thought of going out and running a 16mi run. As with anything in life preparation is half of the battle. One of the most important parts of a long run is to have all of your gear prepared. It’s also bloody (look ma! British slang from the American!) …

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Jan 19

Our new B2L recruit

When we sent out our ‘Golden Bonds’ request for those of you to join us on the last 10 miles of the Brighton to London challenge we didnt expect anyone to reply ‘Sign me up for the 60 miles’ But we now have a new member of the B2L challenge Mike I didnt ask Mike …

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