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Mar 16

I would walk 500 miles


Well it didn’t quite turn out to be the epic 35 miler around Dundee that I promised but 27 miles alone in the Scottish hills felt pretty damn close!! For about 20 of those miles I was loving being out in the beautiful Scottish countryside, feeling fit and healthy and not being chained to a …

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Mar 14

Team round-up (4 weeks to go)

Darren: From the land of snow Chevs (written by Mr Chevs):  A great result for the Holmes household all round. Chevs did an 11.5 mile run around Richmond Park and then home and I must say she looked very fresh when she walked through the door – that was Saturday and she was walking perfectly fine …

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Mar 07


33-36-40 – No its not my vital body statistics but the days remaining before our challenges. Yes only 33 days until Brighton marathon and all the pain that will follow. Its been a tough few training weeks for most of us, with plenty of niggles/injuries and life getting in the way of weekend training runs and this …

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Feb 14

Valentine Training round-up

With only 7 weeks until the start of the Brighton Marathon here is the latest update of some of the team Jamie: Not much training after Wednesday morning last week, when my bum / hip seemed to be very sore. Thought I may as well start a mini-taper ready for the London Ultra next Sunday …

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Feb 09

£1000 and Steve J in the mix

Its been a great day today folks. Most importantly thanks to some generous donations today we achieved our first major milestone – £1000 raised for HemiHelp. So thankyou Marcie, Gracie, Ross family and Anonymous (dont forget to add your name and Giftaid on the Virgin sponsorship website :-)) Also today saw the biggest gathering of …

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Jan 28

Fridays all about the Mileage

Its been slighty colder today than of late. Shakespeare once said ‘as cold as if I had swallowed snowballs‘ At 5:30am I gobbled a gigantic bowl of porridge delicately laced with rare honey and tip-toed out of the family nest and into the arctic. After a few miles through Liverpool St and across the Thames …

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Jan 20

What constitutes Training?

Training can be done in many ways. Jamie featured above (on his way to 2nd place in tonights Farringdon Texas Hold’em Poker Champs – thanks Mike for the picture and Darren organising this cracking eve) is planning on doing an 18 mile run tomorrow morning. Not everyones idea of training but Jamie did steer off …

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Jan 19

Golden Bonds

Just wanted to give you some more information on the Golden Bonds team and some of the thoughts that we would like your comments on. OK firstly we want to make the Golden Bonds team as inclusive as possible. If you havent yet joined and want to then drop us a line. If you want …

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Jan 16

First team run (6:30am Hyde Park)

So it took a 5am start and a big bowl of porridge to get me out of the house and a 5 mile run to meet Darren, James & Jamie at Hyde Park Corner for our first group run. It was surprisingly quiet as we navigated the dark roads around Buckingham Palace before heading up …

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