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Dec 28

Just Because Its There 2012

Xoomworks Golden Bonders

When we first dreamt up the name ‘Just Because Its There’ in a Xoomworks meeting room we all felt slightly fraudulent. Why? well because the name sounds so grand and even though we were doing four marathons in a week, well they were still just marathons. Ok we joined two together and stretched it out …

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Jan 23

The Challenge gets ‘challenging’

Firstly I feel slightly guilty about todays post because I know that three of the team have had a bad week. Darren has caught a bug from his son and missed out on a few runs, James has reoccuring shin splints after his big week run but worst of all Mike’s knee blew just one …

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Jan 20

What constitutes Training?

Training can be done in many ways. Jamie featured above (on his way to 2nd place in tonights Farringdon Texas Hold’em Poker Champs – thanks Mike for the picture and Darren organising this cracking eve) is planning on doing an 18 mile run tomorrow morning. Not everyones idea of training but Jamie did steer off …

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Jan 17

So what is an ultramarathon

I have been asked a thousand times over the past few weeks ‘What is an ultra-marathon?’ And its a great question. The reliable source WikiPedia tells us that an ultra is is any sporting event involving running longer than the traditional marathon length of 42.195┬ákilometres (26.2188 mi). We are tempting to run approx 55 miles …

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